1 USD = ~5399 DOGE
DOGE/USD: 0.00018520

If you want to start earning Dogecoins, you will first need a wallet to store it in. The money given will be deposited into a micro wallet, and sent to your actual wallet once you have reached the minimum payout. There are many websites like faucet where you can just enter a captcha and get a free amount of doge. Want more DOGE and Satoshis see our Faucet list and Rotator. Enjoy.

A little story

$50,000 Dogecoin coins were collected for team Jamaica bobsled to participate in the Olympic Games of 2014. The team had no money to participate in competitions.
In March this year, was also collected approximately 55 thousand dollars (67,8 million coins Dogecoin) for the financing of NASCAR racer Josh Wise.

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